When to turn off the computer

Cyber bullies can be rude, racist, hurtful, sexist ect. or all of the above. You have to try and not let it get to you and when it gets to much just turn off the internet cause it’s not worth it. In society communications have become so advance that someone’s text can be very vivid and hurt like a knife through the computer screen. It’s not fun and knowing when to turn off the computer is very important. Please take my precautions if you haven’t set your self up on a cyber attack. 1. DO NOT go on a site that is bash to your beliefs or who you are, that includes sites about race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, weight, religion, ect. people will hurt your feelings and it’s just not worth it talk to a friend or family member about what is bothering you DO NOT harbor in feelings of anger and hate it will make your situation much worse and can have a negative effect on your health. 2. do not upload pictures/videos of your self unless your ready to get bashed. Lets face it you could be Megan fox, Halle berry,Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp people will STILL say mean/hurtful things that might not always be true just to get at you. Some people are just very hateful and won’t tell people some of the stuff they say on the internet in real life just have confidence. WORDS CAN BRING YOU DOWN! Try to be stronger than letters and symbols and pull through. 3.DO NOT reply to ignorance that is if someone is using hate speech against your race, religion, nationality, sex or sexual orientation. If your going through something and need someone to talk to email me at kewlstewieguy@gmail.com